Internal Travel

At Edgars we believe that travelling is one of the very few ways a youth can learn vast lessons in life like making critical decisions, socialize, relax and enjoy moments that they couldn’t have found at their daily dwellings.

That is why we organize a tour at the End of every year to let our children have a clean opportunity to adventure different places in Uganda as a way to uplift Uganda’s Tourism Industry and at the same time introduce to them the beauty of a life outside their routine cycle of living.

Last year Edgars Youth Programme organised a football and study tour to Kasese, West of the Pearl of Africa. The five day trip contained a number of activities including; friendly matches against some of the best academies in Kasese like Bronken Sports Academy (Hosts), Kasese United Soccer Academy and Hima United Soccer Academy, a game drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park, visiting the Kazinga Channel, Equator Line Monument and Kasese Hot Springs.


Keep available for our upcoming travel in December 2019 yet to be confirmed.