Edgars Youth Programme (EYP) is a Ugandan NGO using soccer and soccer related activities to get children out of vulnerable situations. We started off in 2004, with three (3) soccer players, a few balls and a dream to guide young players so that they would not make the same mistakes we made.

Today, Edgars Youth Programme has established an office on plot 654 Albert Cook Road opposite Mengo Medical School. One day we hope to open our own training center where we can accommodate the talented youths as well.

Our vision is to be the best youth  organization in Africa by 2024; we will do this by enrolling young people  and step by step build them into professionals.

We believe that;

  • Every child should be given an opportunity to play soccer.
  •  Sports can develop and improve personalities and social skills.

At Edgars we value CLOBT:




Best of Ability


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