Edgars Youth Programme School Soccer Clubs offer a unique and valuable opportunity for young students to develop their soccer skills within the familiar and supportive environment of their own schools. By collaborating with various esteemed educational institutions, the program ensures that soccer training is accessible, tailored, and integrated into the students’ overall educational experience. Through these sessions, Edgars Youth Programme continues to foster a love for soccer and nurture the talents of future athletes.

We are dedicated to nurturing young soccer talents through School Soccer Clubs, held during school terms at various partner schools. These sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into the schools’ timetables, ensuring that students can participate without disrupting their academic commitments. The program is open to boys and girls aged 3 to 17 years, providing a structured environment for skill development and physical activity within their own school settings.

Training Schedule

The training sessions are scheduled according to each partner school’s timetable, allowing flexibility and ensuring that the sessions are held at times that are convenient for the students. This tailored approach ensures that every scholar has the opportunity to participate in soccer training without compromising their educational responsibilities.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Only scholars from the specific partner schools are eligible to enroll in the School Soccer Clubs. This exclusivity ensures that the training is tailored to the students’ needs and aligns with the school’s overall program. The fees for the training sessions vary depending on the school, reflecting the specific requirements and resources of each institution.

Current Partner Schools

Edgars Youth Programme collaborates with a range of esteemed educational institutions to provide soccer training sessions. Our current partners include:

  1. Aga Khan Education Services Uganda
    • Renowned for its holistic approach to education, Aga Khan Education Services Uganda offers a supportive environment for the development of young soccer talents.
  2. Marigolds Christian School
    • Marigolds Christian School provides a nurturing and disciplined atmosphere, making it an ideal partner for implementing structured soccer training sessions.
  3. Cherubs Pre-School
    • Focusing on early childhood education, Cherubs Pre-School integrates fun and foundational soccer skills into its curriculum, fostering a love for the sport from a young age.
  4. Pre School Express
    • Pre School Express emphasizes physical activity and skill development in its early education programs, perfectly aligning with the goals of the Edgars Youth Programme.
  5. Kampala Academy Day Care, Nursery and Primary School Kisaasi
    • As one of the latest partners, this institution’s commitment to comprehensive education extends to its support for physical education, makes it a key partner for the School Soccer Clubs.
  6. Grand Maria School
    • Grand Maria School’s robust extracurricular programs include soccer training, providing students with ample opportunities to excel both academically and athletically.