Edgars Youth Programme extends professional soccer services to a number of schools. including; Aga Khan Education Services Uganda, Victorious Education Services, Lohana Academy, Lubaga Girls’ School, Cherubs Pre-school, Marigolds Christian School, Mothercare Preparatory School, Scooby-Doo, Namirembe Parents School, The Fount School , Eliana Junior School and Pre school Express.

Training sessions are conducted at school premises at different days and time as designated by the respective school administrators.


Training Days

Lohana Academy ; Monday & Friday

Aga Khan Education Services Uganda ; Tuesday & Thursday

Victorious Education Services (Bakuli) ; Wednesday

The Fount School ; Tuesday

Mothercare Preparatory School ; Thursday

Cherubs Pre-school ; Friday

Eliana Junior School ; Thursday

Marigolds Early Learning Center ; Friday

Scooby Doo Pre School ; Thursday

Lubaga Girls’ School ; Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday

Pre school Express ; Monday