Capacity Building: Edgars Youth Programme Coaches Lydia Nabakooza and Sharifah Nantumbwe Successfully Complete CAF B Coaching Course

Capacity Building: Edgars Youth Programme Coaches Lydia Nabakooza and Sharifah Nantumbwe Successfully Complete CAF B Coaching Course

Edgars Youth Programme is thrilled to announce that two of our dedicated coaches, Lydia Nabakooza and Sharifah Nantumbwe, have successfully completed the prestigious CAF B coaching course, funded by FIFA through FUFA. The comprehensive training took place at the FUFA Technical Center Njeru, where 24 coaches, including Nabakooza and Nantumbwe, underwent rigorous instruction from renowned CAF Instructors Jackson Nyiima and Livingstone Kyambadde.

Commencing on 27th November 2023 and concluding on 24th January 2024, the course provided an enriching and comprehensive curriculum aimed at enhancing coaching proficiency. Covering diverse aspects of player development, strategic tactics, and effective communication, the coaches delved into a learning experience that promises to reshape the landscape of football coaching at Edgars Youth Programme and community at large.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lydia Nabakooza and Sharifah Nantumbwe on this significant achievement. Their dedication to the development of young players at Edgars Youth Programme has been exemplary, and this recognition is well-deserved. As they await their licenses from CAF, we anticipate the positive impact this newly acquired knowledge will have on our academy and the young athletes we support.

Lydia Nabakooza expressed her gratitude, saying, “This course has been a transformative experience, and I am thankful for the opportunity to deepen my understanding of coaching methodologies.”

“In future, I look at sharing my experience at higher grounds like Underage National teams and becoming a coach educator.” Added Lydia

Sharifah Nantumbwe shared similar sentiments, stating, “The knowledge gained during the CAF B course is invaluable. Not basically for the young players but, I look forward to applying these principles to create a positive and professional environment for our players. With the knowledge I acquired in problem solving, systems of play, formations, match analysis, scouting, among others, I look forward to being part of technical teams of FUFA Women Elite League and FUFA Women Super League Teams Insha Allah.”

Sharifah confessed her thankfulness to Edgars Youth Programme for the opportunity, guidance and support in her football career as she ignited as player in the women football team and boom, now at CAF B level of coaching.

As our coaches eagerly await their licenses from CAF, Edgars Youth Programme anticipates a ripple effect that will elevate the standard of coaching and player development within our academy. The integration of the latest coaching methodologies, combined with the hands-on experience gained from the course, positions Edgars as a hub for nurturing football excellence.

We extend our gratitude to FIFA for its commitment to global football development and for making this enriching experience possible through the mother body FUFA.

Edgars Youth Programme is committed to excellence, and the successful completion of the CAF B coaching course by Lydia Nabakooza and Sharifah Nantumbwe reaffirms our dedication to providing top-notch coaching to the aspiring football stars of tomorrow.

We are proud to have coaches of such caliber in our team. Their commitment to continuous learning reflects our organization’s values and commitment to providing the best possible training environment for aspiring footballers. We believe that the insights gained from the CAF B course will contribute to the all-inclusive development of our players and further elevate the standard of coaching at Edgars.

Lydia Nabakooza, Sharifah Nantumbwe, and the entire Edgars Youth Programme team are excited about the future prospects that come with this achievement.

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