Women Football: Edgars Women FC Clinches Victory in the 8th Match of Kampala Region FA Women League

Women Football: Edgars Women FC Clinches Victory in the 8th Match of Kampala Region FA Women League

In an electrifying encounter of the Kampala Region FA Women League at UICT Nakawa sports ground on Sunday 28th January 2024, Edgars Women FC secured a hard-fought 2-1 victory against Afaayo Daako in their 9th match. The match featured a stellar performance from Edgars, with goals scored by Edith Najjuma and Lukia Naigaga. Despite the win, Edgars faced challenges in converting numerous created chances, adding an element of suspense to the game.

Edgars Women FC took the field with determination. The team’s performance was highlighted by the coordinated efforts of the players, creating several opportunities to score from the first whistle.

Edith Najjuma and Lukia Naigaga emerged as the heroes of the match, each finding the back of the net to secure the victory for Edgars. Their skillful play and strategic positioning demonstrated the team’s depth and versatility in the attacking third. Najjuma’s goal showcased her precision and ability to seize crucial moments, while Naigaga’s contribution added an extra layer of skill and finesse to Edgars’ attacking play.

While Edgars Women FC celebrated their win, the match also saw missed opportunities in converting chances. Despite a dominant display, the team struggled to capitalize on several created openings, leaving room for improvement in their finishing.

Buyinza Rajab, the head coach of Edgars Women FC acknowledged the team’s overall performance but emphasized the need to address the missed opportunities. The focus on refining the team’s finishing skills and converting chances will likely be a key aspect of their training in the upcoming sessions.

With eyes set on the upcoming match hosting Express Women FC in the Kampala Region FA Women League, the team aims to build on their strengths and work on refining their gameplay.

Starting Lineup:

Kakooza Sarah
Acham Clair
Tibesigwa Editor
Nakiraga Sauda
Lukia Naigaga
Namyallo Angella
Mirembe Majorine
Nachinga Josephine
Tamale Hanisha
Najjuma Edith
Karungi Zaina

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